Thursday, October 31, 2013


I followed the program Thoughts on TV last month and I liked the episode about car parking. I live in Tripoli, and as it's the capital of Libya, there aren't many parking areas for parking cars.

Moreover, I work at Tripoli Medical Centre and sometimes I can't find a place to park my car even though there are special areas for employees.  In addition, sometimes you have to wait for hours because someone puts his car in front of your car or even worse you have to park your car on the pavement in case there is no parking space.

The Libyan Ministry of Transport must take the necessary steps to provide convenient and fast public transportation and underground parking lots. This will probably take some time, but it will definitely solve the problem. 

By taking these steps the use of cars would be reduced, crowding at parking areas would be avoided and all people will reach their places on time and be more comfortable.

Mona Hafid Ahmed

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