Thursday, October 31, 2013

Do you like to draw?

Paint is a program used to draw, colour, and edit pictures and to open it you will need to click the start menu, click all programs, click accessories, and then click Paint.

When you start paint, you'll see a blank window with a few tools and the following instructions will help you to draw a line, for example:
  1. Remember that the toolbox is the box which is on your left. Click the line tool ( \ ).
  2. In the colour box, click the colour you want to use.
  3. To draw, drag the pointer across the drawing area, only try to avoid clicking on the other tools.
  4. Make sure you don't lose your work and to do that, on the file menu, click save. In the save as type select the file format you want. In the file name box type the name and finally, click save.
  5. Don't forget to shut down your computer if you complete your work.
Sondes Sleman Zarra

Learning a Language

I'm absolutely convinced that learning a language takes time and dedication.

I have no doubt that there are many good reasons for learning a language, I'm positive that emigration is one of them, like when you move to a different country or region. Learning the local language will help you to communicate and integrate with the local community. 

As I see it, work is the most important reason. If your work involves regular contact with speakers of a foreign language, being able to talk to them in their own language will help you to communicate with them.

Knowledge of foreign languages may also increase your chances of finding a new job, getting a promotion or transfer overseas, or of going on foreign business trips. I have always felt that I need to learn a language to spread our religion and give a good view to other people about it.

I strongly believe that learning any language will improve our minds; I've always felt that multiple language speakers are better at remembering lists or sequences, so hopefully I want to be one of them.

Sana Sleman Zaraa

Moving in

First, I'm sorry for not being there while you are moving in. I hope that you like the place. I have prepared lunch for you, you'll find it in the fridge. If you want to go out today you will need to follow these instructions.
  1.  First, don't forget to take your money with you, and make sure you bring your keys with you and you close the door. 
  2. To get tot he nearest bus station, go straight down this street, turn left at the traffic light. When you get to the restaurant turn right. The bus station is on your left.
  3. Whatever yo do try to come home early.
  4. remember that the bread is not enough for tomorrow.
Have a nice time!

Sana Sleman Zaraa

Health Problems

Bad health services are the most obvious problem in Libya. The Libyan people have complained for ages from bad health services at the level of hospitals, polyclinics and even private clinics. These places are suffering from reduced perfect health care that patients need, in addition to absences of health monitoring systems.

Although we have a lot of professional doctors, many of them have gone outside for learning. However, a few of them have returned back and they haven't found the personal, government or even financial support which makes them prefer to stay abroad. Patients can't find what they need because there are deficits in medicine, investigations, equipment, nursing and even emotional support. All of that encourages most Libyan patients to go abroad for all kinds of medical care. 

We have a lot of options that allow health services to improve the level that satisfies Libyan patients:

Firstly, the government or especially the Ministry of Public Health should make serious decisions to change hospitals and polyclinics' managers and employees, because I think that is the biggest problem of bad health services in Libya. Additionally,  managers should take intensive courses on how to organize and rebuild the people's confidence about the public health services. Also, arrangements with external perfect health companies that will help in the organization of health services. Furthermore, the law should take place in our hospitals to punish everyone who consciously allows him to play with patients souls.

Finally, Libyan people should cooperate with each other, and we hope to find a listening ear for that.

Ezdehar Hussien Elmhabbes

Things you need to know

Hi Susi,

I am on holiday and I want to give you some instructions that you will need to know.

  • First, take the room's key from the reception.
  • Then open the windows and allow the air to get inside.
  • Next, close the windows and switch on the right button of the air conditioner. Whatever you do, don't press the left button because it's connected to the generator.
  • If you want to eat, there is food in the refrigerator. You will need to heat it in the microwave beside the cooker. Don't forget to switch off the microwave after you finish.
  • Try to avoid using the sink in the corner because it's out of order.
  • Remember that the rubbish is collected early in the mornings. You will need to put the bin outside at night.
  • Finally, make sure you lock the doors and windows before you go to sleep, and don't forget to switch off the gas bottle and remove the plugs from the electricity.

See you soon. Call me if there are any problems.

Ezdehar Hussien


I followed the program Thoughts on TV last month and I liked the episode about car parking. I live in Tripoli, and as it's the capital of Libya, there aren't many parking areas for parking cars.

Moreover, I work at Tripoli Medical Centre and sometimes I can't find a place to park my car even though there are special areas for employees.  In addition, sometimes you have to wait for hours because someone puts his car in front of your car or even worse you have to park your car on the pavement in case there is no parking space.

The Libyan Ministry of Transport must take the necessary steps to provide convenient and fast public transportation and underground parking lots. This will probably take some time, but it will definitely solve the problem. 

By taking these steps the use of cars would be reduced, crowding at parking areas would be avoided and all people will reach their places on time and be more comfortable.

Mona Hafid Ahmed

I forgot to tell you something!

Hi Jamila,

Here are some instructions I forgot to tell you about:

  • First of all, before you go to bed, make sure you close all the doors and windows.
  • Next, whatever you do, don't open the main door after 8pm unless you know who is coming. Be sure to use the door's lens, it's safer.
  • You will need to boil the cow's milk in the fridge before you drink it.
  • Finally, remember that the plants on the balcony need irrigation from time to time.

.... Call me if there are any problems.

Khawla Al-Zahra

Giving instructions

Downloading Skype

  • On the internet, enter in the address line to open the homepage of the Skype website.
  • Click the download button on the Skype homepage to open the download page.
  • After you click to download the program you may be asked to open the program.
  • Skype will then begin to download to your computer.
  • Don't open or run  the program during the download process.
  • If the download doesn't start automatically you will be able to start it manually by clicking on start download again.
Hanan Ibrahim Rhoma

Dear Fadila

Dear Fadila,

I am sorry if you are coming while I am on holiday. Here are some instructions. Try to use them until I come.
  • First, you will need to park your car in the building's garage No. 3.
  • Remember that my washing machine is under repair, so you had better take your clothes to the laundry.
  • Don't forget to put the rubbish bin in the kitchen's balcony, then you have to move it outside every weekend where it's collected.
  • Whatever you do, don't forget to close the windows when you leave, and make sure to control your noise, especially at night.
  • Finally, keep your room's key well, because it's the only copy I have.
Mona Hafid Ahmed