Monday, January 21, 2013

Intermediate Level English Course

An Intermediate level English language course will begin the first week of February 2013. 
Three times a week, 3 hours per lesson (4pm - 7pm). 

If you are interested in joining please register as soon as possible. 
  • For more information: 092-486-7908 | 091-632-9708

Student Profiles

Mohamed H
Mohamed H is one of the young doctors in Central Hospital ICU. He got his degree from Tripoli University in 2008. When he was 25, he got his first job as a doctor in the surgical ICU. It's an interesting job, but it's stressfull also. Mohamed is one of the volunteers in the organ transplant program.

I met Mohamed the first time in Medina, Saudi Arabia. He has also visited many countries such as Jordan, Turkey and Tunisia and he's planning to visit Italy also. 

Mohamed was born in Tripoli in 1984. He lives with his family in Alfornaj. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. 

At the moment, Mohamed is learning English to improve his level because he's going to travel to study in his field of medicine. I wish for him all the best.

Ashref Ayad Elmansory
Pre-Intermediate A

Nesreen was born in Tripoli where she lives now. She lives with her parents and she has brothers and a sister.

She studies at the faculty of engineering for 4 years and then graduated with a bachelor's degree and after graduation worked in an engineering company for a few months. 

At the moment she is unemployed, and learning  English language to improve herself in employment. 

Mona M Abodina
Pre-Intermediate A

Sunday, January 6, 2013

IELTS Preparation Course

The next IELTS Preparation course will begin on January 27, 2013. If you are interesting in joining the course please visit us at Almaqar to register.  The price includes all course material but does not include the exam fee. Self access practice material is available to students enrolled the course at no additional charge. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013