Thursday, October 31, 2013

Health Problems

Bad health services are the most obvious problem in Libya. The Libyan people have complained for ages from bad health services at the level of hospitals, polyclinics and even private clinics. These places are suffering from reduced perfect health care that patients need, in addition to absences of health monitoring systems.

Although we have a lot of professional doctors, many of them have gone outside for learning. However, a few of them have returned back and they haven't found the personal, government or even financial support which makes them prefer to stay abroad. Patients can't find what they need because there are deficits in medicine, investigations, equipment, nursing and even emotional support. All of that encourages most Libyan patients to go abroad for all kinds of medical care. 

We have a lot of options that allow health services to improve the level that satisfies Libyan patients:

Firstly, the government or especially the Ministry of Public Health should make serious decisions to change hospitals and polyclinics' managers and employees, because I think that is the biggest problem of bad health services in Libya. Additionally,  managers should take intensive courses on how to organize and rebuild the people's confidence about the public health services. Also, arrangements with external perfect health companies that will help in the organization of health services. Furthermore, the law should take place in our hospitals to punish everyone who consciously allows him to play with patients souls.

Finally, Libyan people should cooperate with each other, and we hope to find a listening ear for that.

Ezdehar Hussien Elmhabbes

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