Friday, December 13, 2013


Once there were four university students (friends).  They went to a party together at one of their friend's farm.  They enjoyed the party so much that they spent the night at the farm.

The next morning when they woke up, one of them screamed "The exam is today!"   They started thinking of ways to get their Doctor at the university to postpone their exam until the next day.  One of them called their Doctor and told him that they were driving to school and suddenly their tire burst and they didn't have a spare.  Their situation was difficult and they couldn't make it to the university for the exam.  The Doctor agreed to postpone the test for them until the next day.  They were very happy.

The next day, the day set for their exam, their doctor asked each one of them to sit in a different corner of the big exam room.  He distributed to each one of them a test paper.  This is what was on the exam:

  1. Which of the four tires was it that burst on the car?
  2. Who was driving the car?
  3. What was the sitting arrangement inside the car?
  4. What time did the incident happen?
The Doctor told them that if all of their answers were similar, they would pass the exam but if their answers were different, they would fail.

Of course they failed.

Adel Alazzabi


This story is about my friend.  His name is Emad.  

Last year, my friend Emad was working in a café when he met her for the first time.  He in fell  in love with her but she was engaged and she didn't tell him. He thought that she loved him too. Later, she asked him if he wanted to work with her and he said yes.

He discovered that she went to the café a lot because she was looking for someone to work for her.  Emad left the café and began working in an office. Later, the girl got married.
In the end, she won a husband and he won a new job.

Adel Alazzabi


Nelson Mandela was born in 1918.  He was a South African revolutionary politician.  In 1962 he was arrested and convicted o conspiracy to overthrow the State.  He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Mandela served over 27 years in prison.  He was a popular figure with great status among black South Africans.  He served as president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

He was the first black South African to hold the office and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election.  He also received international acclaim.   He received the Nobel Peace Prize. Nelson Mandela died on 5 December 2013. 

Hassan Hamza


This is my story.  It happened three years ago in Tunisia.

I went to Tunisia with two friends to buy gasoline and have fun.  We went to Soussa to have a picnic and go swimming in the sea.  When we entered the sea to swim, it was rough.  While we were swimming, the sea became rougher.   We swam for a long time that day and when we decided to swim to shore, I suddenly got a muscle spasm in my leg.
My friends reached the shore but I couldn't swim with my leg so I began to go under the water.  I was scared and I thought I was going to drown.  I struggled  in the water for twenty minutes and the sea got rougher and the cramps in my legs got worse.  I felt myself drowning and going under the water. Then, I felt my feet touch a large stone at the bottom and I stoop up on the stone with my face above the water.  I stayed there for a time to let my legs rest before I tried to swim ashore again.

Finally, I managed to swim to the shore and pulled myself out of the water.  God saved me from drowning and guided me to the stone.  That was the worst day of my life.
 Ali Abdulbasit


My friend, his name is Ibrahim Ghreeba, is a shy, kind and handsome young man. During the last English course, while he was driving to school in his car, he saw a beautiful girl driving her car.  He immediately fell in love with her and decided to try to get her telephone number. 

He thought of a good plan to do this.  He would have a car accident with her so she would be forced to give him her number.  He put his plan into action and slammed his car into hers.  Ibrahim's car was damaged but the girl's car was only a bit scratched.

Ibrahim asked the girl for her number so they could settle the damage but she said her car was OK and refused to give her number to him.  Since that day, Ibrahim has been sad because he lost his car and his love.
I hope he has better luck with the next car accident.

Hatem Al-grrah