Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Visit to the Nafusa Mountains

The Nafusa Mountains (a view in Jadu)
Dear Morad,

How are you?  I'm now in the Nafusa Mountains. My friend Ali is with me. We are staying in Ali's house with his family.

The good things about the place are the beautiful view and fresh air, but the bad thing is that it's very cold here.

We went to the woods and we went to the old town and in the afternoon we played football.

Now we are visiting the old town again and then we are having dinner out, after that we will play cards.

We are going to stay here for 10 days. Would you like to come?

Best wishes,

Majdi Ali Alhuti

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Famous places in Libya

Libya is in north Africa. The languages of Libya are Arabic and Amazigh. It's famous for it's oil and gas.

Tripoli in the evening
Tripoli is a big city in Libya. It has two airports and one port. It's famous for it's good coast.

Garyan, in the west of Libya

Garyan is in the west of Libya. It's famous for it's mountains and it has good views.

Majid Mohammed Rajab 

Ten Years Ago

I was in Athens in the summer 2004.
I was a student at university.
I rode a bike every day.
My family were very beautiful.
My mother was a teacher.

Faraj Ahmed
Starter 1


I was a student.
My sister was a child.
I was fat.
My brother was single.
My friend was skinny.

Mawadda Elhadi
Starter 1


I was a student.
I was single.
I was short.
I was thin.
My sister was a doctor.

Nawal Omer
Starter 1


I was a student.
I worked and played football.
I was a big man.
I was thin.

Abduraouf Khweter
Starter 1

Some Libyan cities

a cafe in Tripoli

Tripoli is the capital of Libya. It's famous for it's beach, nice streets, airport and port. The people of Libya are mixed because people are collected from other countries in Tripoli. It has old buildings and new buildings. It is famous for good cafes and seafood restaurants. 



Mesllata city is 120 km west of Tripoli. It's famous for farming olives and making olive oil. It has nice weather and landscapes. I want to go to Mesllata and enjoy the simple life.

Moammer Albedwi

What can you do?

I can help you in cooking.
He can speak French.
I can't drink milk.
I sometimes wear shoes in the morning.
Can you service the car?
Yes, I can.

Emhamad S. Barouni
Starter 1

I can't play the piano, but I can drive a car. My car is grey.
I love listening to Fairouz, but I hate listening to rap music.

Hana Ali Abuaish
Starter 1

Can he ski?
No he can't.
Can I go home at 9:10?
No, you can't.
Can we play basketball?
Yes, we can.
Can they cook?
Yes, they can.

Mawadda Elhadi
Starter 1

1. Can you cook fish?
Yes, I can.

2. Can she play football?
No, she can't.

3. Can he cook pizza?
No, he can't.

4. Can she speak Spanish?
Yes, she can.

5. Can he play tennis?
Yes, he can.

Rawia Gargab
Starter 1

Can she swim? No, she can't.
I can't drink milk.
Can you play the piano? Yes, I can.
Can he speak German? No, he can't.
Can he cook some pasta? Yes, he can.

Mahmoud  M. Abirid
Starter 1

I can swim. 
I can't play basketball.
Can you cook?
Can she play guitar?
They can't dance in the street.

Nawal Omer
Starter 1

Can you eat a croissant in the evening? Yes, I can.
Can you drive your car at night? No, I can't.
Can you watch TV in the morning? Yes, I can.
Can you cook pasta? Yes, I can.
Can you play football very well? No,I can't play football very well.

Faraj Ahmed
Starter 1

Country Profile >>> Libya

Country >>> Libya

Libya is part of Africa in the north. It has a long and beautiful beach and oil and gas industries and it's famous for it's friendly people. There are two languages in Libya; Arabic and Amazigh.

Places to visit and things to do >>>

Tripoli Museum

Tripoli is the capital city of Libya. It's busy, traditional and it has old buildings and a great museum called 'Al Saraya Alhamra'. Alshahada Square is in the centre of the city.

The Great Sahara >>>

an oasis in the Sahara Desert
It's a beautiful place to visit, you can do some desert activities and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Majdi Ali Alhuti

When we were 10

Grandizer - cartoon
My favourite band was White Bird.
My favourite food were oranges.
My favourite TV progamme was Grandizer.
My favourite film was The Message.
I was never late for class.
My brothers were nice to me.

Mohamad Errishi
Starter 2

Om Kalthom - Arabic singer
My favourite singer was Om Kalthom.
My favourite food was pasta salsa.
My favourite actor was Jean-Claude Van Damme.
My favourite TV programme was Children's World.

Adel Ziani
Starter 2

My favourite food was fish.
My favourite colour was black.
My favourite film was Superman.
My favourite team was Itihad.
My favourite cartoon was Tom and Jerry.
My favourite car was Mazda.

Abdulbaset Muhesn
Starter 2


  • When I was ten, my favourite sport was football.
  • When I was ten, my favourite fruit was an apple.
  • When I was ten, my favourite animal was a horse.
  • When I was ten, my favourite colour was blue.
  • When I was ten, my favourite cartoon was Takia.
  • When I was ten, my favourite film was Batman.

Mufta Ahmed Burki
Starter 2

My favourite footballer was Ronaldo.
My favourite cartoon was Tom and Jerry.
My favoutire bike was BMX.
My favourite band was Pink Floyd.
My favourite car was Honda.
My favourite school was Ali Boser.

Abdauroof Alkhimri
Starter 2

When I was ten.....

  • My favourite singer was Nabil Sheel.
  • When I was ten my favourite food was rice.
  • My favourite film was Superman.
  • I was unhappy at school.
  • I wasn't good at sports.
  • I was usually late for class.

Taha Jadi
Starter 2

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The clothes we wear

I never wear a suit on Friday.
I always wear a t-shirt in summer.
I sometimes wear trainers to work.
I wear a jumper in the winter.
I always wear shoes with a suit.

Faraj Ahmed
Starter 1

a checkered shirt and tie

I wear a black suit every week.
I always wear a checkered shirt.
I never wear jeans in summer.
I usually wear a t-shirt in winter.
I like ice-cream in summer.

Mahmud Abirid
Starter 1

black boots

I never wear a dress at the office.
I always wear jeans on Friday.
I usually wear a red jacket.
I always wear jeans.
I usually wear black boots.

Rawja Gergab
Starter 1

a black shirt and tie

  • I wear a red suit everyday.
  • I always wear a black shirt and a tie.
  • I usually wear a t-shirt and jeans.
  • I never wear a blue shirt.
  • I sometimes wear trainers.
Emhamed S. Barouni
Starter 1

a red scarf

I'm wearing a red scarf today. I like the colour. I always wear black shoes, but I never wear boots and I sometimes wear a jacket.

Hajer Ali Altriki
Starter 1

a jacket and a skirt
I'm wearing a black dress.

I wear a coat everyday.

I never wear a jacket with a skirt.

I sometimes wear trainers on Friday.

I never wear a tie.

Nawal Omer
Starter 1
a suit

I wear a suit everyday.
I always wear a shirt and tie.
My favourite colour is black.

Anwar Aladrisi
Starter 1


I always wear a scarf, but I never wear a dress at work. I sometimes wear a skirt and I always wear sweats at home, but I never wear a hat.

Hanan Ali Abuaish
Starter 1

a t-shirt
I wear a t-shirt.
I go to school.
I work at Libyana Company.
I have a pen.
I like chicken.

Abduroof Khweter
Starter 1

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Too, Too Much, Enough, and A Lot!

I don't have too much work to do.
I watch too much TV.
I didn't get enough pizza.
My brother eats too much unhealthy food.
I don't like to spend too much money.
I write too many books.

Ibrahim Hussein Asader

My flat is big enough.
I spend too much time with my family.
I've got too many friends.
I spend too much time at work.
I don't like to visit my friends too late.
I don't play with my nephew because I don't have enough time.

Ibrahim Soliman Mady

My brother watches too much TV.
One cup of tea is not enough for me.
When I get married I want a lot of children.
Thirty years old isn't too old to have a child.
My house isn't big enough for Libya.
I'm not going to visit my friends because I don't have enough time.

Ibrahem Ghreba

My house isn't big enough for the whole family.
Children have too many toys.
I spend too much money on my family.
The room is too dark to see.
I work too many hours in the week.
Children are too annoying so they make me fed up.

Adel Alazobi

I don't go back to my house too late becuase it's too dangerous.
I'm tired because I don't have too much free time.
I don't go to bed early when I have too many problems.
When I travel out of Libya I spend too much money for presents.
When I don't sleep early I go to work too late.
I'm happy when I can play with a lot of children.

Hatem Aljrrah

I don't have enough free time to go out with my friends.
My house is too big.
I have got too many children.
I use the internet too much every day.
I sometimes have too much work to do.
You should have a lot of vocabulary to learn English.


I've got too many lessons today.
I spend too many hours with my family.
I don't watch too much TV.
I spend enough time with their children.

Ahmed Zahmoul