Thursday, March 12, 2015

Letter writing practice - Abdurrahman

Address: Arada Street
Phone Number: 3479213
Email Address:

To: Mr Adernawe
Address: Al-Jomhorya Street
Box Number: 34210

Re: A holiday request
Date: 9/3/2015

Dear Mr. Adernawe,

I am writing this letter to request some time off work.

I need this holiday because of my older brother's wedding. Also, it is the first wedding we have in my family and I cannot miss it. 

Moreover, my brother needs me in his wedding to help him in a lot of things. As you know, weddings in Libya was and still form the biggest event in Libyan families.

I think I need about 5 days for the wedding and 2 days to prepare and buy things for the wedding. All my work is on the computer and Internet and I know that it is difficult to leave my work and I know every 15 minutes I have to check the website to protect it from hackers.

I have told my best free 3 friends, who are my colleagues and work in the same room about covering my work when I am on holiday and they said that there would be no problem to do my work when I an on holiday.

Finally, if you need any details you can contact me on my email address at the top of the letter.

Kind regards,
Abdurrahman Ben Moftah


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