Friday, December 13, 2013


My friend, his name is Ibrahim Ghreeba, is a shy, kind and handsome young man. During the last English course, while he was driving to school in his car, he saw a beautiful girl driving her car.  He immediately fell in love with her and decided to try to get her telephone number. 

He thought of a good plan to do this.  He would have a car accident with her so she would be forced to give him her number.  He put his plan into action and slammed his car into hers.  Ibrahim's car was damaged but the girl's car was only a bit scratched.

Ibrahim asked the girl for her number so they could settle the damage but she said her car was OK and refused to give her number to him.  Since that day, Ibrahim has been sad because he lost his car and his love.
I hope he has better luck with the next car accident.

Hatem Al-grrah

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