Thursday, November 27, 2014

What can you do?

I can help you in cooking.
He can speak French.
I can't drink milk.
I sometimes wear shoes in the morning.
Can you service the car?
Yes, I can.

Emhamad S. Barouni
Starter 1

I can't play the piano, but I can drive a car. My car is grey.
I love listening to Fairouz, but I hate listening to rap music.

Hana Ali Abuaish
Starter 1

Can he ski?
No he can't.
Can I go home at 9:10?
No, you can't.
Can we play basketball?
Yes, we can.
Can they cook?
Yes, they can.

Mawadda Elhadi
Starter 1

1. Can you cook fish?
Yes, I can.

2. Can she play football?
No, she can't.

3. Can he cook pizza?
No, he can't.

4. Can she speak Spanish?
Yes, she can.

5. Can he play tennis?
Yes, he can.

Rawia Gargab
Starter 1

Can she swim? No, she can't.
I can't drink milk.
Can you play the piano? Yes, I can.
Can he speak German? No, he can't.
Can he cook some pasta? Yes, he can.

Mahmoud  M. Abirid
Starter 1

I can swim. 
I can't play basketball.
Can you cook?
Can she play guitar?
They can't dance in the street.

Nawal Omer
Starter 1

Can you eat a croissant in the evening? Yes, I can.
Can you drive your car at night? No, I can't.
Can you watch TV in the morning? Yes, I can.
Can you cook pasta? Yes, I can.
Can you play football very well? No,I can't play football very well.

Faraj Ahmed
Starter 1

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