Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Travel plans

Dear Abdsalam,

How are you? Sorry I didn't invite you last Friday to my party in my cousin's farm. We went at 8 o'clock in the morning. I invited Hatem and Asam to this party. It was a nice party and we missed you with us.

We cooked delicious food. It was meat with vegetables and it was amazing and what's more it was very spicy. After the meal we discussed our plans for next month. I also suggested to them to go first to Milan then Rome. Asem brought our passports and we also got a visa, congratulations! Asam and I persuaded Hatem to go with us to Italy, but it wasn't easy.

Hatem went to Italy last year. He knew almost everything. He was born in Italy. He goes with us we are going to consume a lot of time and money. I'd like to remind you that the time of travel is on Monday the 2nd of March at 10:00 am.

Best regards,

M. Harisha
Pre-Intermediate A

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  1. I hope you take Abdsalam to Italy too! Good job on this. Thanks for writing this letter.