Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good news!

Subject: good news

Dear Asma,

How are you? I hope you are fine. Sorry I didn't reply to your email because I was busy and I've just checked my email today. Last week was a busy week. What's more, it was very exciting.

My sister and I went out for lunch on Friday. Her boyfriend invited us with his sister to a new restaurant. We went to Abu Ali Restaurant. It was nice and also quieter than other restaurants. However, it wasn't cheap! 

We sat together. His sister and I were looking at them and they were shy. We ate together, after that Ahmed asked my sister to sit at another table. i laughed also I felt embarrassed! However, he was right, they had to speak together.

After that we were having an ice cream and the lights went off. It was a surprise for my sister. The waiters started clapping and singing. Ahmed surprised her by asking her to marry him. She didn't believe it because that was her dream. They were very happy after a very long relationship of seven years. They will get married in June.

I need a nice dress from Italy if you can!


Nisreen Abunas
Pre-Intermediate A

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  1. I love this email Nisreen. It was well written and interesting too. Is it a true story?